Top 10 Graphic Design Trends for 2024

Here we go!

  1. Retro & Grunge
  2. Minimal & Aesthetic
  3. Mixed Media & Collage
  4. Authenticity & Natural
  5. AI & Overloaded
  6. 3D & Glass Effect
  7. Pop of Colors
  8. Design Look 
  9. Grids & Visible borders
  10. Brave combination of fonts
In the dynamic landscape of graphic design, maintaining a forward-thinking approach is imperative. Let’s dive into the essence of the top 10 graphic design trends poised to define the visual aesthetic in 2024. From subtle nods to the past to state-of-the-art styles, these trends are set to redefine our perception and interaction with design in a sleek and sophisticated manner.

1. Retro & Grunge: A Blast from the Past

Nostalgia takes center stage as retro and grunge elements make a powerful comeback. Designers are infusing a sense of vintage authenticity into modern creations, blending the best of both worlds. Grunge has always been related to the transition from the mainstream to the alternative. No doubt, we might be in the era of change and use it again to transform the design styles into something revolutionary and new.


  1. Minimal & Aesthetic: Less is More

In 2024 as in the past few years, the design mantra is clear – minimalism reigns supreme. Sleek, sophisticated visuals that prioritize elegance will be used to create a timeless appeal that transcends trends. Simplified forms, abstract art and minimal typefaces with clean lines, airy and legible letter forms are conveying the forever modern feel. As a consequence we create an easy to perceive aesthetic as the thing we can play with to make your feed, grid, brand or website stand-out of the crowd are the colors. From black & white with neon accent colour palette to nude and natural shades, the choice is yours. 

Sour comment: Just remember one: less is more.


  1. Mixed Media & Collage: Artistic Fusion

In the end of 2023 we witnessed the rise of the seamless integration of multimedia elements and collage techniques in the realm of graphic design. Exploring the innovative approaches adopted by designers as they shatter conventional boundaries, visually arresting compositions are crafted to narrate captivating stories through a harmonious blend of diverse mediums. Editorial or social media visuals 

The impact of the mixed media is undeniable especially when created with clear concept and purpose. 

Be careful with this trend. It requires advanced skills to design something impressive.

Sour comment: Mixed media can be considered as maximalism. Which means it’s not for everyone. Explore your audience preferences and adapt your visuals to their interests. 

  1. Authenticity & Natural: Embracing Imperfections

To be authentic means to be yourself and be different. Authenticity takes center place as we celebrate imperfections and embrace the natural beauty of hand-drawn elements. Have some drawing skills? Do not be afraid that the lines are not straight enough or perfect enough. If you are in an experimental mood, you can easily see how this trend fosters a sense of connection and sincerity in visual communication. In the digital era we live in, people value your own personal touch. It’s time to shorten the distance and express your real self. It won’t be surprising if people start to respond to your own personal touch positively and bond with your art easily. 

The whole world is built by imperfections and it’s what makes us unique. This uniqueness represents our natural beauty. It is what it is and it’s beautiful. Why should we additionally be tweaked by different “beauty” apps? Forget about “flat” faces. It’s time to embrace natural beauty and enhance it through other elements in your creatives. 

Speaking about nature, in 2024 we continue appealing for sustainability and embracing organic & bio products and services. Both large and small brands are engaged in environmentally friendly businesses and the right thing to do is something authentic, natural and traditional for this kind of companies – appropriate colors, palettes and branding aesthetic in general. Many of those businesses are inspired by the natural resources of the countries they have been established in, so… 

Brands with traditional look and modern feel which represent goods produced locally as if they are homemade or handmade will be in fashion at least for the next 5 years. 

  1. AI & Overloaded: Pushing Technological Boundaries

Slightly we step into the future with the integration of artificial intelligence in graphic design. Many of us discover different practices of modern art leveraging AI to create mind-bending visuals and overloaded compositions that challenge traditional norms. AI-generated visuals or forms often tend to be futuristic and abstract. 

Sour tip: keep it simple! The clearer and specific the assignment, the better the visual. 


  1. 3D & Glass Effect: Dimensional Realism

Press “inflate” and immerse yourself in the world of three-dimensional graphics. Add depth to your art pushing the boundaries of visual perception. It becomes more and more convenient to render abstract compositions that can be a great solution for off-beat requests and situations. 3D, chrome or glass effect is used also for specific elements creating a lively realistic or abstract accent to the composition. 

Our sour advice: bring in some texture. We notice that not only in graphic design, but in design in general, texture and layering are sought even in the most minimalist looks. Texture and volume sometimes create a sense of luxury, and repetitive shapes can calm or pique the audience’s interest depending on your purpose. The trend of the textured glass in the interior is carried over to graphic design. Used to enhance the spatial qualities of the room, graphically we use it to create a sense of continuity and aesthetics.


  1. Pop of Colors: Vibrant Expressions

Say goodbye to muted palettes as bold and vibrant colors get under the spotlight. As designers we are trying to mix eye-catching hues to captivate audiences and inject energy into our art concepts. Extremely saturated colours should be combined with black and white or other very dark or light colours because of the high contrast. Get inspired by the Barbie pink colour trend as an example and use the same approach to build your vivid palette.

Sour tip: Are you a corporate designer? Use those kinds of shades to represent diversity or ESG company values to make a big impact.


  1. Design Look: Visual Identity Redefined

Delve into the evolving concept of the “design look.” Designers are crafting unique visual identities that go beyond logos, establishing a cohesive and memorable brand presence – custom photography, illustrations, specially designed icons, consistent visual storytelling, professional & personal touch. 

Sour tip: make it look like it was made by professionals.


  1. Grids & Visible Borders: Structured Chaos

2024 Goals: Let’s debunk the myth that creative people are also very chaotic! 

As designers our life is marked by constantly witnessing the marriage of order and chaos play with grids and visible borders. We got used to seeing well aligned standart visuals but imagine a designer’s thinking out of the box and sometimes breaking the rules of the grids. That’s exactly how you understand it’s been made by an ingenious designer to challenge your mind. 

The grids & visible borders trend is perfect for dynamic compositions, creating a visually striking balance. 

Sour comment: Creativity needs structure to be productive and efficient. 

  1. Brave Combination of Fonts: Typography as Art

Typography becomes a canvas as we fearlessly combine fonts to create unique and expressive designs. A brave pairing of typefaces adds a layer of creativity and personality to visual communication. All kinds of combinations and sizes from very big to very small letters are allowed until we keep up with the norm of aesthetics and composition. 

Sour comment: we do not mean to use Wordart or something…

As we embark on the graphic design journey of 2024, these trends offer a glimpse into the future of visual storytelling. Whether you are an experienced designer or an enthusiast, embracing these trends will undoubtedly elevate your creative endeavors. Stay inspired, stay innovative, and let your designs be a testament to the evolving language of graphic expression in the future.