L’epicerie Brand Identity


L’epicerie is a delicatessen shop that brings together the flavours of France – cheeses, wines, canned foods, food prepared on site such as sandwiches and traditional sweets, etc.


To create the branding adapting French traditional styles including the chalk accents in the logo for an extra casual touch. 


According to the business model we created a visual and communication style that resonates with the client requirements and audience preferences. 

Naturalistic, neotraditional, casual, bold and parts provincial, our approach allowed us to maintain a unique and relative French aesthetic. A specific brand mark was created to emphasize the French identity of the business. We were inspired by a classic symbol – the Gallic rooster, which let our imagination work in favor of our abstract interpretation. The typography part of the logo is in French and the store is located in Bulgaria. The slogan needed to be descriptive, so the business is clearly recognised by the audience. 

We simplified the colour palette and chose modern shades of blue and red to make the connection between the traditional and contemporary. 

This focused approach highlights the authenticity of every single product sold in the store, elevating the visual modernist impact of the brand while retaining the French essence.